Your settlement-builder with dragon taming, exploration, and conquest

Do you have what it takes to restore the Guild of Dragons,
free the people and build a prospering society?

GD-Round-dragons red-blue

Evolve a remote village into a thriving society

The lives of your dragons
and your people are on the line!

Raising Dragons Isn't Easy

Your ability to build a working infrastructure is crucial to their survival

Blue Baby Dragon
GD-Round-dragons blue
Guild of Dragon - Building
GD-Round-dragons yellow-red

Lead by Example

Take action yourself (first-person view) and manage your infrastructure and people (in top-down view).

Explore, Collect, Craft

Explore new terrain in order to gain access to much-needed resources. Crafting potions and power-ups give your dragons and yourself a crucial advantage.

Guild of Dragons - Herbalist Building
GD-Round-dragons green
Fire blast of green dragon
GD-Round-dragons green-red

Expand Your Dominion

Expand your territory and lead your dragon team into battle against the minions of the Drab Collective.

Your Choices Matter

To prosper, you need the support of the people of the free lands, but not everyone will be happy with your decisions.

Herbalist House View


For those who survived The Calamity, the world changed forever.

The Great Dragons, that upheld the balance of the world, are long gone and the whereabouts of the Dragon Mages still remain a mystery.

The resulting power vacuum was filled by the cruel Drab Collective. Under their ferocious leader Shaduhm, they have established a reign of fear. 

The use of The Four Colors is forbidden by law. The few remaining Color Wielders are hunted and enslaved.

As it turns out, you are the only one left with the ability to hatch and raise dragons.

You are the last best hope to build a beautiful and magical world where dragons and people can thrive again!

We would be happy to make the best possible game together with you.

Thank you for your support!

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